10  Steps to Thyroid Wellness:

 The Arem Thyroid Mind/Body Program

1. Balancing your thyroid hormones
Promptly correct your thyroid imbalance with the right medication. Keep your thyroid perfectly well balanced at all times. Appropriate monitoring of your thyroid with the right test and fine tuning your treatment. Regular fine tuning of your thyroid treatment, using the right dose of medication T4/T3 therapy in the right way and the right ratio for lingering symptoms.


2. Address stress issues
Use the right relaxation techniques Stress affects immune system, which can affect the thyroid Beware of stress thyroid escalation cycle.

3. Address depression and anxiety
Counseling, psychotherapy, antidepressants, and support from family and friends.

4. Balance your hormones
Bio identical hormones Natural remedies (isoflavones).

5. Address cardiovascular risks
High blood pressure

6. Address your sleep issues
Sleep apnea
Sleep fragmentation
Sleep deprivation

7. Healthy nutrition: The Arem Diet (Low glycemic, low saturated fat, high fiber, high protein eating plan)
For weight loss
To support the immune system
To improve your cardiovascular health
To prevent disease


8. The Arem Exercise Program
Mindful exercise

9. Food sensitivities
Gluten sensitivity, common among thyroid patients
Other food sensitivities can promote weight loss resistance, inflammation, and symptoms

10. Supplements

  • Vitamins, antioxidants, and other micronutrients to support the immune system, the thyroid, and to make thyroid hormone work more efficiently (i.e. ThyroLife Optima)
  • Pay attention to iodine. Do not over supplement.  Take ThyroLife Iodine Support in the right amount to clean the thyroid and to avoid iodine deficiency.
  • Probiotics: essential for restoring normal bacterial flora balance. This reduces inflammation in the GI tract and in your body, which helps the immune system and will help you with successful weight loss.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids, essential for the immune system, cardiovascular health, and for weight loss.
  • Vitamin D supplementation if needed. Vitamin D is crucial for the immune system, for your cardiovascular health, and for your mood.
  • Calcium supplementation for optimal weight loss and for bone health.
  • Follow the medication and supplement schedule for thyroid patients for best results. It is an easy and effective plan to enhance and optimize your thyroid treatment.

Medication and Supplement Schedule

Thyroid Hormone Medication  1 hour before breakfast
3 capsules Vitality Choice One Probiotic 7-7– Right before breakfast
3 capsules ThyroLife Optima– Right after breakfast
2 soft gels ThyroLife Omega– Right after breakfast
1 tablet Vitality Choice One Ultra Calcium D3– with lunch
1 tablet Vitality Choice One Ultra Calcium D3– with dinner
1 tablet ThyroLife Iodine Support– with dinner
Night time After Dinner
2 capsules Body Slim Mediterranean