Have you been diagnosed yet?

You could be suffering from symptoms of thyroid imbalance but your symptoms have been dismissed as trivial or related to stress or to depression. You may in fact be suffering from low grade thyroid imbalance even though your blood tests are borderline or even normal (but in a suspicious range). You need the appropriate diagnosis and you need the best treatment to rebalance your thyroid– not only at the blood level, but also at the cellular level where thyroid hormones work. You could also be suffering from Hashimoto€™s Thyroiditis and its consequent wide array of symptoms and adverse effects.

Here at the Texas Thyroid Institute, we look at your thyroid system meticulously to give you the right diagnosis and an individualized treatment program that will make you feel at your best and reach perfect thyroid balance.

Are you getting the right treatment?

Are you a thyroid patient being treated with thyroid medication for hypothyroidism? You could be taking the wrong dose of medication. You might have been told that you are getting the right treatment, yet you may still be imbalanced (thyroid-wise). You may still be suffering from lingering symptoms of fatigue, weight gain, low grade depression and other annoying symptoms. Are you taking high doses of Armour Thyroid or Nature-Throid and having swings of T3 (thyroid hormone) levels in your system affecting the way you feel and your metabolism? Or are you simply overdosed with thyroid medications? Or is your body missing some T3 (needed for optimal well-being) because you are taking Levothyroxine-only treatment? You need to know your thyroid normally produces some T3 and in many people taking L-Thyroxine (T4) only doesn€™t do it.

Here at the Texas Thyroid Institute, we aim at perfecting your thyroid treatment and making it as physiological as possible. Your treatment will be individualized based on your symptoms, exam and blood tests. The goal is to mimic what your thyroid gland normally does, but it does not end there. Dr. Arem implements his comprehensive, mind-body program as detailed in the
Thyroid Solution
. Some features of
Dr. Arems mind-body program

  • Stress management, relaxation techniques
  • Weight management
  • Supplement program (to make thyroid hormone work more efficiently, to support your immune system and your thyroid and to enhance your metabolism)
  • Addressing sleep issues
  • Hormonal replacement
  • Addressing auto-immunity, gluten sensitivity and other food sensitivities

Do you need an expert opinion on your treatment for Graves€™ disease?

Are you suffering from Graves€™ disease, and have you been given different but stereotypic treatment options. Here at the Texas Thyroid Institute, we will give you guidance as to what would be the best treatment option for you.

Do you have a thyroid nodule?

At the Texas Thyroid Institute, we also focus on detecting thyroid lumps (thyroid growths or nodules) which may be cancerous. We also provide treatment and monitoring of thyroid cancer.